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Wondering if you’d be a good fit to work with Replete Wellness? Dr. Sarah works with women that are committed to their own healing and looking for lasting & impactful health changes. We encourage you to book an appointment if the following describes your current values when it comes to your wellness:

  • You value your health immensely and are willing to step forward & earn it. 
  • You are looking to live a life of purpose & believe that vibrant health is the key to unlocking an impactful + fulfilling life. 
  • You understand that root-cause healing will take work + little bit of time; it’s not a given to have balanced hormones, optimized fertility & radiant skin, these things take some effort & consistency. 
  • You recognize that you can’t heal your life with the same actions, foods + mindset that got you sick in the first place.
  • You live in Ontario! Naturopathic services are only available to women living in this province. Dr. Sarah serves all of Ontario - virtually! 


You deserve to live a thriving and healthful life. You deserve health care that brings together the best in evidence based natural medicine, nutrition + functional testing to Deliver truly personalized & Effective wellness protocols.

** Virtual care only provided at this time

REPLETE; /rəˈplēt/ - Abundantly provided for or filled. Replete wellness is a state of natural beauty, balanced hormones and optimal health.  

It’s obvious that all of your body parts and health symptoms are connected. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has become so automated that the current primary care system ignores the underlying factors causing your dis-ease and sees patients as a set of symptoms instead of uncovering the root cause of your infertility, acne, fatigue, heavy periods, weight gain, etc. (you get the picture). 

Replete wellness is a radically holistic approach to health care that involves functional lab testing, evidence-based natural medicines, personalized nutrition, along with herbal and lifestyle medicine to address the root cause of your health issues. This whole person, root-cause analysis of your health guides the creation of a customized wellness protocol specifically tailored for each individual patient to continually move you along the path towards replete health.

About Replete

The Replete Wellness Method combines the wisdom of centuries-old medical traditions with the latest evidence-based research to bring our patients a truly holistic, unique and effective approach to healthcare. In addition to lab testing & primary care assessment, we use holistic, nontoxic approaches to healing including clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, supplements, functional medicine and lifestyle counselling to help you achieve lasting health. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah; licensed Naturopathic doctor, Functional Medicine practitioner, wellness writer & integrative health professional. I’m a published wellness expert, homesteader, healthy home chef and dedicated yogi on a mission to deliver better health care to my patients. My approach to Replete Health looks at you as a whole person, and is completely customized to provide support in the areas where you’re out of balance. My goal is to help you truly transform your health, to uncover the root cause of your health issues and teach you the tools you need to create life-long wellness.

CMO REplete Wellness, Naturopathic Doctor,
functional medicine practitioner 

Dr. Sarah WHite, ND

Meet Dr. Sarah


You deserve health care that brings together the best OF evidence based + natural medicine

We Believe


that Your body Has an amazing capacity to heal 

We Believe



We Believe

++ Virtual care only provided at this time

Initial Visit / Reveal ($225 + cost of individualized testing, if required): The Replete patient care on-boarding process starts with an hour-long comprehensive intake. This appointment involves a thorough exploration of your health, current symptoms and health goals using the replete signature method, along with any relevant in-house testing. 

Second Visit / Heal ($135): At your Heal visit we’ll deliver and review the personalized performance plan created for you by Dr. Sarah. You’ll leave this appointment with a true understanding of the root cause of your symptoms, and the exact steps you need to take in order to heal. The Heal phase of your care may only require 1 visit, or may be spread out over a series of 1 visit monthly for 3 months depending on the complexity of your case.

Follow up / Seal ($100): At your follow-up visit we’ll review your symptoms to assess whether or not your health goals have been met. After your acute concerns have resolved we’ll reassess you goals and lay out your ‘Seal’ / health maintenance protocol. 

The Replete Method


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