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Thanks to social media, we are bombarded with constant ‘noise’ about how to be healthy. It’s becoming more and more difficult to decipher what is true and who to trust to guide you on your personal health journey. We've created this Replete Wellness online journal as your doctor-approved, trusted source for online health content.


FYI – birthing women in North America have one of the highest chances of encountering medications and additional medical procedures during labor. They are the most likely to receive medications for induction of labor and it’s estimated that 1/3 Canadian births come in the form of a cesarian section surgery. These life-saving interventions are often […]

A side effect of running a successful fertility practice is that we end up with a ton of pregnant women here at Replete Wellness. While pregnancy can be a beautiful season for many women it’s not without it’s challenges; the #1 question from our pregnant pals is how to combat morning sickness. Pregnancy nausea occurs […]

Want clear skin? We’re sorry to be the one to break it to you but it may be time to give up sugar!  While acne may be considered ‘normal’ in our teenage years it can be absolutely devastating when it persists through a woman’s 20s & 30s, or when it comes back in to your life […]

  Good news natural beauties; it’s entirely possible to erase years from your face simply by changing your diet – we know this because we’ve seen significant transformations over and over again in patients on our replete wellness longevity programs. The state of your skin is a clear indication of how you treat your body, and our patients start […]

We totally get it, the ‘clean’ make up & skin care world can be absolutely overwhelming. That’s why we are all about educating our patients on the worst offenders to look out for in their beautiful products while encouraging these replete beauties to make small changes to their daily beauty routines. Ingredients found in your […]

The Must-Have Lab Tests for Acne: when it comes to your skin, we believe in testing over guessing! While doctors, scientists and researchers all unanimously agree on how acne forms (oil + inflammation + bacteria), the why is not so obvious. There are numerous root causes of acne and understanding the reason behind your acne […]

When it comes to preparing your body for pregnancy the foods you eat in the 3 – 6 month window prior to conception are even more important than ever. A balanced nutrient-rich full of fertility promoting foods will not only help to provide you with the right building blocks to create a healthy baby, it […]

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve seen how important telemedicine visits have been to our health & well being. Virtual medicine has proven to be a convenient + powerful tool to connect us to our practitioners and to help keep us well in these difficult times. While we slowly transition back to ‘real life’ we urge […]